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PCB design guidelines

Hackaday PCB Design Guidelines write-up

Perform you submit a PCB for manufacturing please perform ERC (electrical rule check) and DRC (design rule check). As the standard rules in EAGLE are not precise please use these files for DRC: Ätzwerk files for EAGLE design rule check

Design considerations for self-etched PCBs at the university

Available sizes for punching vias in the university: 0.6 mm (drill 0.9 mm, pad 1.5 mm) and 1.0 mm (drill 1.5 mm, pad 2.5 mm). Große Nieten (Innendurchmesser = 1 mm):

Passendes Via: Bohrung (= Bohrlochdurchmesser): 1,5 mm Durchmesser (= Außendurchmesser): 2,5 mm

Kleine Nieten (Innendurchmesser = 0,6 mm):

Passendes Via: Bohrung (= Bohrlochdurchmesser): 0,9 mm Durchmesser (= Außendurchmesser): 1,5 mm

Through-hole (THT) components need to be routed to at the bottom layer.

Common mistakes

Trust in autorouter

Wrong track size

Use of discontinued or unavailable components

No prototyping/simulation

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