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PCB design guidelines

Hackaday PCB Design Guidelines write-up

Perform you submit a PCB for manufacturing please perform ERC (electrical rule check) and DRC (design rule check). As the standard rules in EAGLE are not precise please use these files for DRC: Ätzwerk files for EAGLE design rule check

Design considerations for self-etched PCBs at the university

The biggest PCB blanks we stock at the university are 160 mm by 100 mm. Your designs should not be bigger than that.

Available sizes for punching vias in the university: 0.6 mm (drill 0.9 mm, pad 1.5 mm) and 1.0 mm (drill 1.5 mm, pad 2.5 mm). Große Nieten (Innendurchmesser = 1 mm):

Passendes Via: Bohrung (= Bohrlochdurchmesser): 1,5 mm Durchmesser (= Außendurchmesser): 2,5 mm

Kleine Nieten (Innendurchmesser = 0,6 mm):

Passendes Via: Bohrung (= Bohrlochdurchmesser): 0,9 mm Durchmesser (= Außendurchmesser): 1,5 mm

Through-hole (THT) components need to be routed to at the bottom layer.

Common mistakes

Trust in autorouter

Wrong track size

Use of discontinued or unavailable components

No prototyping/simulation

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