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Science Communication

Podcast Project in the Audio Lab: "We Empower Girls"

SS22: FEB - JUNE 2022

Students from the Gesamtschule am Forstgarten in Kleve record their podcast “We Empower Girls” at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics.
The podcast project is initiated at the Gesamtschule am Forstgarten as part of the Kinder- und Jugenstiftung's "Wir stärken Mädchen"project to motivate girls to take typically male career paths. To this end, three schoolgirls talk about STEM courses in their podcast, with guests and experts, guided by the school's Social Worker, Petra Bothorn, Science Communication expert, Dr. Maryam Bolouri, expert in Digitalisation in Teaching, Naomi McLaughlan, and expert in sound and music production, Marco van Heys. The project is supported by the Faculty of Technology and Bionics, Doris Gerland and Dr. Alina Leson (Press Release ).
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