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Audio Interface Inputs/Outputs Configuration:

The outputs are set as default in the following manner:

  1. Focusrite 18i20 Monitor Outputs 1+2 (back panel) connected to the Yamaha HS5 speakers, left and right respectively.
  2. Focusrite Outputs 3 to 10 connected to I/O Box inside the recording booth, connected to the output XLR sockets, with same labeling.
  3. I/O Box Output 1+2 connected to ART HeadAmp 6 Pro to XLR main inputs, left and right respectively.

The inputs are set as default in the following manner:

  1. I/O Box Inputs connected to Focusrite Inputs 1 – 8, with same labeling.
  2. The Inputs cannot be controlled by the Focusrite Control panel, this has to be done in the DAW (i.e. Cubase)
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